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Change Your Reaction, Change Your Life

Change. It happens around us. Every. Day. The tide ebbs and flows. The weather changes from season to season. Even the people in our lives. What I’ve learned over the past couple of years is how you react to it. Some change sucks. But some change is good. Change Can...

Nail that Productivity Game: 5 Fun Hacks to Get Stuff Done When You’re Just Not Feeling It!

If working makes you feel like a pinball in a machine, here are some ways to increase your productivity and get stuff done!

Life’s Not a To-Do List: Live Your Dash with Purpose and Passion

Life isn’t a to-do list. Learn to live your dash with purpose and passion. Get up, get out and enjoy this thing called life. We only get one!

5 Ways to Tame the Social Media Content Creation Beast

Is your social media content creation a beast in your business that needs tamed? Here are 5 ways to do just that!

Self-Care: The Art of Putting Yourself First

I’ve written this self-care article as a reminder to myself to give myself a break!

7 Tips for Focusing on Achieving Your Business Goals This Year

Are you struggling to achieve your business goals? Follow these 7 steps to help you focus on achieving your business goals.

Finding the Perfect Balance During the Holidays

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, sometimes it is hard to find the time to just stop and let yourself recharge.

7 Essential Steps to Prepare for an Amazing New Year

Before the holidays come around, now is the time to start preparing yourself, and your business for the new year!

Boost Your Small Business Productivity: Discover the Power of Outsourcing

Imagine having someone to take care of all those time-consuming administrative tasks, freeing up your busy time. Learn more about working with a Freelance Admin in this article.

Should your small business hire an employee or a Freelance Admin?  

You KNOW you need help, but should you hire an employee or a Freelance Admin for your small business?

8 Time Management Tips for Busy Small Business Owners

Are you struggling to keep up with everything? Do you feel like you’re always running behind schedule? I’ve share some time management tips for busy small business owners in this article.

How Outsourcing Tasks to a Freelance Admin Can Help Your Small Business

Overwhelmed with administrative tasks? Find out how outsourcing to a Freelance Admin can help your small business grow and achieve your goals

How to Overcome Being a Perfectionist

Are YOU a perfectionist? Find out, and how to overcome those perfectionist traits in this article!

Live. Laugh. Love.

I'm updating this post to thank every single one of you for your support, thoughts, prayers, calls, visits...however you supported us. Thank you. I cannot say it enough. Those who do not know, we lost Alex earlier this year. His body simply got to a point that it was...

How tapping into freelance talent can save your small business money

Wondering if hiring a freelancer is right for you? Find out how tapping into freelance talent can save your small business money!

How to Boost Your Productivity with Daily Routines

7 ways to boost productivity with daily routines for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

5 Ways to Streamline Your Daily Schedule and Increase Efficiency When Working from Home

5 Ways to Streamline Your Daily Schedule and Increase Efficiency When Working from Home.

10 Habits to Help Improve Mindset

Mindset is a better predictor of future success than every other factor you can consider, including working hard and natural talent. Learn more about changing yours!

The 6 Myths of Working with a Freelance Admin

While Freelancing is becoming more popular, especially in today’s almost-post pandemic world, there are still some myths out there about working with a Freelance Admin. Today, I am sharing my thoughts behind the six most common myths that I have come across. Welcome...

How to be more productive this week

While there are many How-To Coaches out there teaching you how to be more productive, the key is finding what works best for you.

10 Reasons Outsourcing tasks to a Freelance Admin Is a Smart Business Decision

Outsourcing tasks to a Freelance Admin is a big decision. Is it right for your business? I get that many entrepreneurs don’t like the idea of outsourcing. I think that this is mostly due to not understanding how outsourcing tasks to a Freelance Admin can actually be a...

How to Create New Habits to Achieve Your Business and Personal Goals

Instead of setting New Year Resolutions, I recommend setting both business and personal goals. Sometimes goals require a change of habits.

The Most Common Problems Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Face

Welcome to GinAdmin! Your host, Gina Koran Welcome to the very first Blog Post from GinAdmin! My name is Gina Koran ~ and I’ll be your host. For those who don’t know me, or maybe don’t know my background, I’ve been in some type of administrative role for, well…let’s...