How to Create New Habits to Achieve Your Business and Personal Goals

Creating new habits will help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your business and personal life!

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Today I want to revisit Creating New Habits!

I’ve never been a New Year’s Resolution person. I’m more of a goals person, so this post will revolve around that.

As a Freelancer, I know that there are some things that other Freelancers like myself, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs would like to change in order to achieve the goals we’ve set for our business and personal lives.

And some of that revolves around creating new habits.

We’ve all wanted to change our behavior for the better and create new habits for ourselves somewhere along the way.

Maybe you want to eat healthier and drink more water. Or it could be moving more and taking the dog for a daily walk, which by the way…my pup INSISTS on several times a day, even in the current frigid temps!

Or it could be work related, or spiritual, or… There are just so many areas in our lives that could be improved and made easier if we created new habits.

And I get it – getting into the habit of doing something outside our norm is often easier said than done. We seem to acquire bad habits without any effort, but getting into a “good” habit can be a little more challenging.

You know the mysterious “They”? Well “They” say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Weird, to think that it doesn’t take that long to form a bad habit. And sometimes no matter how hard we try, it takes us a lot longer to form a new habit.

So how long does it REALLY take to create a new habit?

The “Mom” answer is that it depends.

It depends on your mindset and it depends on how big of a change you want to make from what you are doing now. Brian Tracy has a great post about developing new habits, and in that article he explains that while 21 days is the scientific answer, the bigger the goal, the longer it may take to achieve.

According to the experts, it takes about 21 days to break or form a habit pattern of medium complexity. Habits which are more complex or difficult to incorporate with your lifestyle may take longer.

Remember, it’s different from one person to the next and even from one habit to another.

There are a couple things to keep in mind.

It’s easier to create a new habit than it is to get rid of an old one.

Be prepared to work a lot harder to give up checking your email every 2 minutes or snacking late at night.

Whenever possible, try to replace an old habit with a new one…if you’re wanting to give up coffee, brew a cup of herbal tea in the morning and throughout the day when you would usually reach for your cup of Joe. And just so my friends reading this don’t pass out – giving up coffee is NOT one of my goals.

I have, however, cut back a bit on my pot and a half a day habit. I can quit whenever I want. Harharhar

Create a Vision Board

Keep your goals in front of you as a constant reminder of why you’re creating a new habit.

A constant reminder of why you’re trying to change your behavior is also helpful.

Keep your reason why you’re changing “Why” front and center and then be prepared to stick it out.

I am a maniac for putting pictures of my goals in front of me, even sometimes on my computer’s desktop so that I am constantly looking at it and remembering why I’m doing what I’m doing.

And yes–it will take some time to make new habits and replace old ones. But it will be worth it in the end.


The first step is to decide what you want that new habit to be. And you have to be specific–you can’t just say that you want to exercise more. Instead, make your goal something like “I will go for a 30 minute walk every single day”.  

Deciding what your new habit will be and committing to when and how you’re going to do it is half the battle.

For me, this is a simple one: I’m going to get up every hour and MOVE. Whether it’s to walk out and check on my husband and the dog to see what they’re doing or do a little dance to the music playing in my head.

Ok, to be fair…it’s probably going to be a trip to the coffee pot, but hey…baby steps, right?

Set an alarm to remind yourself to take the necessary steps toward creating your new habit.

For the first few days, it’s going to be smooth sailing. You’re motivated and excited to get this done. Sticking to your new habit isn’t an issue. But after those first few days, you’ll notice that it’s easy to slip back into old habits.

Maybe it’s raining and you don’t really want to go out and walk. Or maybe your day just gets away from you. This is when it’s important to have a reminder.

This is the second step: Set an alert on your phone or add the new habit to your daily task list.

And I’m with you, believe me…I get it. I’ve set my alarm to remind me to get up from my desk and move around. I turn the alarm off and tell myself I’ll just finish this one teeny, tiny, little task. And (as that famous chef says) BAM…it’s 40 minutes later and I never once moved from my chair.

How am I going to get around this? For starters, I’m setting my alarm to be the absolute, most obnoxious, hard-to-ignore noise. I can also “name” my alarm on my phone, so I’ll name it something that will remind me that if I DON’T get up and move, my cranky back and bum hip will remind me ALL NIGHT that I ignored that alarm.

If you’re not good with alarms, schedule your new habits or make them part of your daily to-do list until they become something you do automatically.

My digital calendar allows me to create reminders and a task list. Maybe that will work better for you – just remember to check your list (wink).

Maybe it would be helpful to you if you add the new habit to one you already have. Let’s say you fix a cup of tea or coffee at 4pm, and you want to get in the habit of taking a daily walk. Make the new ritual to go for your walk and THEN come back and enjoy your tea. Then it seems like a reward for completing that “task”.

Choose an accountability partner to help you create a new habit

I find that having an accountability partner helps me the most, and this is step 3.

When I have someone who knows what I am trying to do and will call me out on it, I tend to not want to have to say to them, No…didn’t do that today. It’s easy to tell MYSELF, but when I have to tell SOMEONE ELSE that I didn’t stick to it, I find that I push myself harder to complete a task.

Remember – It’s going to take some time before this new behavior becomes a true habit. If you miss a day, give yourself a break.

Tomorrow, maybe go for TWO walks. Making this new behavior part of your daily routine is going to help you make it a permanent habit, so set those alarms and find yourself a good accountability partner!

I’d love to hear what habit you want to create, or maybe already have…leave me a comment! I’ll cheer you on!

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The Most Common Problems Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Face

Welcome to GinAdmin!

Your host, Gina Koran

Welcome to the very first Blog Post from GinAdmin! My name is Gina Koran ~ and I’ll be your host. For those who don’t know me, or maybe don’t know my background, I’ve been in some type of administrative role for, well…let’s just say a while.

I left the corporate world to be my husband’s office manager, and since then his business has become nearly 100% digital, so basically my role is to check his messages and a couple to-do’s every morning…and that’s it.

A couple years ago, I was helping my best friend (who is so completely NOT tech-savvy) build her online presence. I was having such an absolute ball coming up with ideas and getting her digital footprint out there, that my husband suggested to me that maybe there were others out there who could use the same help.  

And here I am…with my own Virtual Assistant business – and absolutely LOVING the Freelance world.

Now those of you who know me know that while I AM an introvert, I do enjoy trying new things. However, writing a blog was NEVER on my bucket list, but it’s the first step I am taking outside of my comfort zone.

I hope that I can bring you some great ideas, tips, juicy tidbits of information~after all, my tagline IS “My job is to make yours easier”.

So sit back, grab your cup of tea or coffee and enjoy. And if you have something you’d like me to share in a future post, feel free to contact me!

Ok, here we go…

When I was researching what to write about for my first post, I came across this headline from StatusBrew:`

The article was written in 2017, but I can promise you through my own research that these problems are the same today as they were the day it was written! If you are interested in reading the entire article, you can find it here:

6 Small Business Problems Faced By Entrepreneurs

According to StatusBrew, these are the 6 areas where small businesses and entrepreneurs find they need the most help:

  • Lack Of Proper Marketing.
  • Getting And Retaining Customers.
  • Money Management.
  • Maintaining Online Presence.
  • Time Management.
  • Social Media Management Tools.

Now, I’m going to tell you that Money Management…not my area of expertise. I’m fortunate that I’m married to one who takes money management seriously and IS the expert.

However, marketing, getting customers, maintaining your online presence… those I CAN help you with… and along with that, I can help with the time management aspect. How? By freeing up your time taking care of your online presence for you!

And yes, you absolutely CAN do it all yourself, unless you’re my best friend who asked me to explain this “social media thing” to her. (sigh)

But let me ask you this. As a business owner, is it the best use of your time to sit down day after day and come up with content to post?

To decide WHICH platforms you should be posting on?

What days and times are best to post?

AND make images to go along with each post? Because images are king on social media.

What size do those images need to be?

Do you know what your time is worth?

Do me a favor – sit down and figure out how much per hour you charge for making widgets (whatever it is you do for your customers). I have a client that knows to the penny how much she gets paid per widget, per client. And when she looked at some of her administrative tasks, she was like… yeah, I can outsource that. Because she understands that her time is better spent making widgets, not sitting at her desk creating social media posts and all those things the she now leaves to me.

As a business owner, you understand that time is money. So the question is: Where are you spending your time?

Check out the information I read in “US finds exponential growth in freelancers, with no signs of stopping” from Digital Information World:

Upwork recently published its data on how the freelancing market is moving forward. The report shows that about 59 million Americans in the past 12 months provided their services as a freelancer. That represents around 1/3rd of the entire workforce of America.

What this tells us is that Business Owners KNOW that they’re having to do more with less. Has this been going on for years? Yes. However, business owners and entrepreneurs have become EVEN MORE aware of since the pandemic has increasingly pulled people out of the workforce, forcing those entrepreneurs to find other ways to get the job done.

Now, I don’t claim to have all the answers. But what I can tell you is what my clients tell me. And that is that outsourcing to freelancers has become the way to go for many of them. In addition to the time savings, look at the financial savings:

  • No employee-related paperwork, insurance, taxes, retirement. Freelancer pay these for themselves.
  • No office space or supply/equipment expenses. Freelancers already have their own.
  • No paying an 8-hour wage. You get the support when and as you need it.

Go back to my favor (remember you were going to figure out how much you make selling your widgets…)

Now I want you to figure out how much time you’re spending on those pesky administrative tasks…and how many more widgets you could make and sell if you had a Freelancer doing those things for you.

I promise you will find that the old adage “You have to spend money to make money” will make a LOT more sense to you!

Phew…that wasn’t so bad!

Phew! That wasn’t so bad – at least on my end. What do YOU think? Drop me a message and let me know. And if you have ideas of other things you’d like to learn more about, let me know that, too!

And if you’d like to know what GinAdmin can do to make your life easier, hit me up and let’s talk! Head back to the homepage and send me a message!